How Burst Helps At The Top Grow Beyond Their Apparel Business

What is At The Top?

Being “At The Top” is a mindset to be the best version of yourself everyday. Allen Lazard, NFL wide receiver, and Ryan Lillard, former division I baseball player, were high school best friends with parallel drives to take their sports careers to the next level. Growing up they referred to their mental persistence as being “At The Top”, and today they have manifested that mindset into a growing brand named accordingly, At The Top.

At The Top sells premium apparel, but a significant portion of their business is centered around producing content that promotes the relentless mentality that led them to success in sports. Their primary vehicle for communicating what an At The Top mindset entails is their podcast. On a monthly basis, Allen and Ryan conduct interviews with people that have achieved success in their respective fields and disseminate the conversations via Spotify, Youtube, and Apple Music.

How does At The Top use Burst?

Currently, At The Top does their apparel sales direct-to-consumer online. Being that their brand is greater than just apparel sales, they chose to leverage Burst’s technology to supplement their unboxing experience with a Burst slideshow that promotes the other aspects of their business, podcasts and social media.

Burst has opened up new avenues for us to connect with our customers, slideshows will be essential for engaging with our audience going forward.

Allen Lazard • Co-Founder

Their slideshow is launched via a package insert, included with online orders. The package inserts have an NFC tag inside and a QR code printed on the back - this allows their customers to open their slideshow by tapping or scanning the insert with a mobile phone. To see At The Top’s package insert being used, watch the video below!

Why does At The Top like Burst?

Burst enables At The Top to customize their slideshow at any time via our app or website. If At The Top produces another podcast, has an upcoming sale, releases new apparel, or wants to display a recent customer testimonial, their slideshow can be updated without modifying their package inserts.

Burst is the only company that offers the ability to create a custom iOS App Clip, it instantly boosts our brand's credibility - we constantly get asked how we did it.

Ryan Lillard • Co-Founder

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